Art Bedway Devoted To Business, Charitable, And Other Responsibilities

After an earlier career as an instructor of karate, Art Bedway set in motion his career in the Security field. He’s the Chairman and Founder of Victory Security Agency and through this company delivers a broad spectrum of services especially customized to the needs of each and every client. With security for organizations ever more critical in the 21st century, Victory Security provides expertly trained security personnel, and they use the most current, cutting-edge electronic security solutions, continually staying abreast of new technology appropriate for the security business.

Through his Victory Security Agency, Art Bedway is dedicated to professional reliability and performance. Victory Security offers clients security personnel (unarmed and armed officers) for gas and oil projects, hospitals, schools, residential and gated communities, and affordable living communities. Furthermore, they offer these trained officers for labor disputes, executive protection, as well as for special events. Additionally, Victory Security Agency provides expertise and services concerning International Security.

Art Bedway has prospered and grown Victory Security through a dedication to quality throughout all facets of his organization. His focal point is premier client service at all times to all clients. He understands the unique needs facing organizations from a security perspective and he actively works to ensure that all clients have total confidence in the array of services he provides. Founded in 1981, the success and reputation of the Company is shown by its growth and the excellent client retention rate the firm enjoys.

Art Bedway is committed to providing experienced, knowledgeable security specialists who can provide clients the support and detailed information each needs to put into operation an effective security program in their enterprises. Moreover, through his Victory Security Agency, he provides electronic security and related services. This consists of residential and commercial alarm monitoring; electronic audio/visual surveillance; fire, safety and security assessments; automated gate and access control systems, and installing or upgrading of systems.

This commitment and dedication also extends to charitable, philanthropic, as well as other interests that Art Bedway participates in. He’s a body building enthusiast and a long time member of the International Federation of Body Building and Fitness (IFBB). His dedication to body building is manifested in the fact that Mr. Bedway served for several years as a professional body building competition official. The IFBB of which he is a member is the sponsor of the well-known “Mr. Olympia” and “Ms. Olympia” body building competitions. Art Bedway also contributes his energy and time to his duties as Co-Chair of the Golf Classic sponsored by Family Services of Western Pennsylvania.


Art Bedway: Long Time Official Of The IFBB

As a bodybuilding enthusiast, Art Bedway is a long-standing member of the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB). The IFBB sponsors the renowned “Mr. Olympia” and “Ms. Olympia” bodybuilding contests.


Art Bedway: Professional Bodybuilding Competition Judge

With his deep interest in bodybuilding, Art Bedway served as an official in professional bodybuilding competitive events for many years. He judges professional bodybuilding competitions by way of his work with the IFBB.


Art Bedway Is A Co-Chair Of The Golf Classic Sponsored By Family Services Of Western Pennsylvania

Art Bedway, in addition to his career in the security business, actively engages in church, philanthropic, and charitable activities. Mr. Bedway is a Co-Chair of The Golf Classic, which the Family Services of Western Pennsylvania sponsors.


Art Bedway: Founder And Chairman Of Victory Security

Art Bedway is the Chairman And Founder of Victory Security. They are a full service security firm headquartered in Carnegie, Pennsylvania. Victory Security Agency was founded in 1981 with the very idea of full commitment to their clientele.


Art Bedway Provides Security Services For A Wide Range Of Businesses

Through Victory Security Art Bedway provides security services for a broad spectrum of businesses. Services include international security, investigations, bulk alarm monitoring, mobile patrol, and provision of security officers, among many other services.


Art Bedway Provides Security Services To Gated Communities

Art Bedway provides security services to gated communities as well as residential communities and condominiums. He’s positioned Victory Security to partner with associations, boards, and property and facility managers to manage every one of the relationships necessary to ensure top-quality security.


Art Bedway Provides Security To Hospitals And Schools

Art Bedway provides security to hospital and schools, understanding their unique requirements. For hospitals/healthcare facilities, his commitment is to patient safety and high-quality service. For schools – superintendents, school boards, and school administrators use his school safety consulting services to meet their distinct security needs.


Art Bedway Karate to Security

Art Bedway started his career in Security, after an early career as a karate instructor. In addition to being Founder and Chairman of Victory Security Agency, which he started in 1981, he involves in philanthropic, church, and charitable activities. He also has an abiding interest in bodybuilding and is a member of longstanding in the International Federation of Body Building and Fitness (IFBB).

Concerning his bodybuilding interests, Art Bedway served as an official in professional bodybuilding competitions for many years. The IFBB that he is a member of is the sponsor of the well-known “Mr. Olympia” and “Ms. Olympia” bodybuilding competitions. With regards to his charitable activities, Mr. Bedway is a co-chair of the Golf Classic, which the Family Services of Western Pennsylvania sponsors.

Through the Victory Security Agency, Art Bedway offers a full suite of security services suited to a myriad of businesses and other organizations. He provides security officers, oil & gas site protection, electronic security and associated services, bulk alarm monitoring, executive protection, as well as international security. On top of that, his Victory Security Agency provides security for affordable living communities, hospitals, residential/gated communities, schools, labor disputes, and special events.

By way of illustration, Victory Security’s focus is to protect and secure their clients with the highest degree of professionalism and loyalty. They work to understand the unique security needs of each client. For example, for international security, they are capable of providing threat assessments, security surveys, and organizing the logistics for oncoming security forces for international security projects.


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